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56yo M
Bee allergies
Stung today
Given epi
Pt now has rapid heart rate
Pt has zero RHR Hx
Nurse on scene requesting transport for cardiac eval due to RHR.

My partner and I walk into a “Skilled” nursing facility that we haven’t been too before and I’m grumbling about how much I hate these places. She looks at me and says “Maybe it won’t be that bad.”

We walk through the door and the smell hits us, UTI.

We are ignored as we walk to the nurses station by every LPN we pass. When we ask where the room is they only say go to the nurses station.

There’s no one at the station.

We stand at the nurses station for about 20 minutes waiting until I say “Fuck this lets just go find the room”.

We find the room and the Pt is sitting in bed perfectly fine eating watching TV. He says he had no idea he was going to the hospital. I see a couple “Nurses” sitting in the lunch room chatting so I go to ask them if they are his nurse.

This is what I hear…

1”aren’t you off in an hour?”

2”yeah I can’t wait.”

1”I think they are here for your guy in 2***”

2”god damn it I’m not doing this shit they ask too many questions just take the looser and leave.”

I walk up smile (while dying a little in side) and ask who the Pt’s nurse is.

2 I guess that’s me, I don’t know much about this I just started my shift.

Wow that’s a short shift!

2 what do you mean?

Well you just said that you were off in an hour.

She walks past me grabbing the packet off her cart. Then proceeds to tell me that the pt had a sudden onset RHR today and the Doc would like him to get an eval at the ER since he doesn’t have a Hx of RHR.

As I’m looking through the notes I see no time as to WHEN the EPI was given just a notation it was. So I ask when in relation to the RHR it was given.

2 How did you know he was given EPI?

It says so right here and came over the dispatch report.

2 Oh… Okay… Why are you asking about that? That has nothing to so with the issue.

It could.

2 well my guess is right before the first vitals were taken. But he’s not my Pt so I don’t know much about him.

FML I hate “Skilled” nursing facilities.

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